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Paradiz Escorts is a licenced & professional escort agency in Amsterdam and provides 24 hours service. Many of our clients wonder why a license in the first place exists, and what benefit does it bring for customers to book at only licenced agency's. We will try to answer a few of those questions in a brief and short matter. At first a licence exists to protect the escort business in Amsterdam with having the right people behind the proverbiale wheel. This ensures a certain form of quality whenever you as a client is booking at a escort agency in Amsterdam.

A license also guarantees that girls who choose to work as escort do this voluntarily. There is no such thing as supression or girls working against their will at a legal and professional agency. Holland is a liberal country and offers prostitution in a legal way. Everybody at the age of 21 or older is free to choose to work in this business. A license is for owners a great responsibility. It's not a free ride and it certainly contains alot of rules and laws related to running an escort service. A legal agency could be fined so it's important that you as a client always choose the right agency to do business with.

When you book Escort Girls, you are assured to have professional and legal service. In any dispute, we guarantee to help you as best as possible. You can contact us 24 hours a day on the number +31(0)6-57052004 with any of your questions. Our offerings and provided services belong to the better high class escort agency's within the € 180 pricemark. We make delivery fast & discrete within 25 minutes in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Professional Escort Services

Why a license matters

When booking at a licenced escort agency in Amsterdam your supporting the free and voluntary form of prostitution. The heads of our agency are well trained and qualified people who do their best to provide you an excellent time. We also offer a complaint book for official complaints.

Booking at unlicenced escort agency's might stimulate the illegal scene, which can have very bad effects on the image of escort business in Amsterdam. We do not recommend doing this and stay with escort agency's you feel good with. Thank you for your time.

A licence is simular as a green card on to provide business in a legitimate and controlled way. No wrongdoing or misleading intentions. Just pure companionship with a selection of the best escorts you can find in the area of Amsterdam. We provide a exciting and rightfull way for clients from all places over the world with legitimate escorts and excellent service and pricing. If you would like to get to know more about our services then give us a call or whatsapp on the number +31(0)6-57052004. We are open 24 hours and work with the best Escorts from Amsterdam.

It takes one phonecall to book a escortgirl at a licenced escort agency. The license for our agency is 2983435/2019-264 and is given out by the authorities. This ensures a professional & discrete escort service experience in your area. See our brand new website of Paradiz Escorts Amsterdam for more info. We are open 24 hours and deliver from 25 up to 45 minutes. This does'nt matter if your staying at your private appartment or hotel.